Tuesday, 31 January 2023

US to pass China Lied People Died act US Going to demand 4.6 Trillion Dollars from China

In 2019 Corona virus out break happened and initialy all Chinese authorities were trying to hide the Corona Virus leakage from the laboratory. They tried to supress facts and supresed the journalists and health care providers and doctors.

United States republican Representative Troy Nehals have brought a bill in the house which when passed United States will have authority to demand and freez. Chinese Property and assets where China has invested in them

After this bill is approved in the house United States will have authority to demand 4.6 trillion dollars from China.

If China refuses to pay the amount then United will freeze the Chinese invested in the US Bonds. 

China has heavily invested it's money approximately 1.0 trillion dollar in US bonds so after passing of the bill "China Lied People Died" 

United States can opt to dissolve the Chinese invested money and recover 1.0 trillion dollars from China out of 4.6 Trillion Dollars Claim.

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Flying bike available for purchase you can purchase a flying bike for USD 800k

World's first flying bike is available for sale in United States of America.

We always thought of machine which can enable us to fly like birds from one place to another. Even the Science fiction movies too have shown flying bikes. 

Now you can fly with such flying machine that is called flying bike. Launched by Japanese company Aerwins. Flying bike works on four propelars just like Drone. Enabling machine to hover in the air and speed up to 62 miles per hour. 
hover bikes the bike that can fly and give joy of a flying. These bikes do not have wheels like ordinary bike but have four propelars just like Drone. These flying bikes are available for sale in United States of America. For the price 800000 US Dollar.

Here is the video of flying bike.

Sunday, 11 December 2022

Life saving medicine for Clostridioides difficile

Food and drugs administation of United States of America have approved a medicine for treatment of serious infection of colon which is responsible for many deaths every year. This medicine is made from fecal matter donated by healthy volunteers. 

Clostridioides difficile bacterial infection is very serious form of infection when untreated it becomes life threatening. This bacteria do not grow in presence of certain other bacterias therefore to prevent growth of this deadly bacteria scientists have designed a novel methodology where fecal matter donated by healthy volunteers which contains other bacterias in it is transplanted in the patients colon.
By doing this transplant good bacteria from implanted fecal matter gets way in to patients colon and start growing there, these bacteria secret enzymes which takes care of harmful bacteria Clostridioides difficile.
Here is the detailed information about new drug approvals by USFDA 

Fecal transplant is not a new concept it was practiced by microbiologists and doctors since last few years. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

How to copy any text and number from a picture or any object without written manually

Google has rolled out very fantastic options over its app Google Photo.

With which one can click a photo of any article or anything and save it over their google account.
While clicking photos with Google Photo app, google app highlights the text letters and numbers on the article or anything while taking a picture.
With this one can select the text or number on any article or anything and copy that and save it on your mobile device.
For example, you see a nice poster of something, where important information is printed on it, along with a contact telephone number.
Now if you want to save the text on the article and contact number, in a normal scenario you have to type everything that you see on the article.
But with google photo app, the text on the article or any poster along with the number will be exactly copied on your phone screen and you can save the information in your word or excel file.