Wednesday, 23 November 2022

How to copy any text and number from a picture or any object without written manually

Google has rolled out very fantastic options over its app Google Photo.

With which one can click a photo of any article or anything and save it over their google account.
While clicking photos with Google Photo app, google app highlights the text letters and numbers on the article or anything while taking a picture.
With this one can select the text or number on any article or anything and copy that and save it on your mobile device.
For example, you see a nice poster of something, where important information is printed on it, along with a contact telephone number.
Now if you want to save the text on the article and contact number, in a normal scenario you have to type everything that you see on the article.
But with google photo app, the text on the article or any poster along with the number will be exactly copied on your phone screen and you can save the information in your word or excel file.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

How one can make money by trading in stock market

There are two stock exchanges in India, NSE, National Stock Exchange, BSE Bombay stock Exchange.

These two stock exchanges allow buying and selling of shares (Stock) through registered brokers, like Share Khan, Angel Broking ,Zeroda ect.

You have to open a traditing account with any of the broker and after depositing some money you can also participate in trading.

How much minimum amount of money one has to add in his trading account.

It depends on which stock (Scrip) you want to do trading, if the value of a scrip is 500 then you must add about 10% to 20% the amount of the value of qty you want to buy and sale in the same day it's called Intraday Trading. If you want to carryover your trade to next day then you should have that much money in your account.

Some traders allow you to carry over with minimum margin for T +2 days where T is date of trading. After that either you have to sell off your holding or pay the entire ammount in your trading account.

This is called long trade. And also termed as investment. 

There are two types of intraday trades, first buy and then sale, it's called long trade, second is first sell and before closing of market buy it, it's called short trade. Short trades are allowed in equity for same day means you have to sale it first and on same day but it. 

Short trades can be carried over for weeks in futures but not in equity.

You make money when you buy stock at cheaper rate and sale stock at higher rates. 

There is a GST charges of almost 18% on the value traded, this amount is also must be considered while taking a trade.

My self Mr. Jambhulnikar will update this website on daily basis about my own trading expirience how I make money online doing various trading.

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Diabetic patients breat smells like Fruity smell

 Why diabetic patients breath smells like fruity odour.

Diabetes is a disease which causes excessive accumulation of sugar, or glucose levels in blood. 

In event of excessive accumulation of glucose the metabolism of glucose converts excessive glucose in acetone, acetone is also an important intermediate biochemical in our body which is converted in to acetyle co enzymes which are required for biosynthesis of required amino acids in our body.

In diabetic patients acetone is also excessively produced, and being highly volatile it finds its way through lungs, it is exhaled through lungs, acetone smells like fruit. This smell is typical in diabetic patients.

Even the urin of Diabetic patients do excret acetone resulting in typical aceton smell to urin. The phenomenon is called acetone uria.

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

नासा( Nasa) ने हबल टेलिस्कोप से लिया अदभुत दृष

नास ने हबल टेलिस्कोप के मध्यम से अवकाश के कॅरिनी गलॅक्सी मे लाखो करोडो तारो से घिरे एटा कॅरीनी तारे के विस्फोट से ले कर अब तक कैसे बदलाव आये इस का अदभुत दृश इस व्हिडिओ मे दिखाया है जो एक अद्वितीय अदभुत है एटा कॅरिणी तारे के विस्फोट के कारण किस तरह ultra violate किरण तथा infrared किरनो ke कारण संपुर्ण गालेक्सी का अदभुत नजारा देखन  मिलता है।