Monday 23 July 2018

49th Aneversary of mans moon landing Aoplo 11 mission was on 20th July

View of earth from moon. Apollo 11 mission.

Buzz Aldrin 

Aopolo 11 space expidition which took place exactly 49 years before on 20th July was celebrated across United States of America.
Austronauts Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on moon. Neil Amsrong was first man to put his feet on moon.
Buzz Aldrin now 80 year old is associated with @spacex exipidition to send man to space.
Today @spacex successfully launched Falcon 9 rocket with a communication satellite Telstra.
On the eve of 49th Aneversary Buzz Aldrin flew helicopter over the space coast.
He has posted pics of his flight over Twitter

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