Thursday 5 July 2018

Aftermath of plastic bags and plastic products ban in Maharastra

People enjoyed the day on which plastic bags were named, many people shared on what's up about first weaket on the Rs 5000 fines receipts all across the state.
Later on it's observed that people have adapted this change and there is positive outcome of this ban. Roads and foot paths cleanness is increased since people have stoped trowing plastic bags on road. And it has created good impact on environment. Just to check which plastic items are banned and which are allowed.
Just be informed about one rule that all essential unavoidable products are still allowed to be packed in plastic and thermacoal.
Like milk bags and food grain packs decomposable plastics used in  nursery food item packing using tetrapacks and thermacoal in electronic packaging is still allowed.
Thermacoal plates and other products are banned.
There is heavy negative effect on the economy as many small industries were based on plastic bags and other products it has negative impact.

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