Sunday 29 July 2018

Car that can use water as fuel are now future

Toyota's Fuel cell vehicle FCV

Hydrogen is the gas that can be made from water and being highly combustible ( substance that can be burned and energy after burning can be used to fuel motor engine). Therefore leading car manufacturers around the globe are now developing cost effective fuel cell vehicle (FCV) or fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).
Hydrogen gas is produced from Water (H2O) that means water can produce hydrogen gas equivalent to 2/3 portion of it's weight of water taken for production of hydrogen.
Hydrogen is produced by simple process by placing positive and negative electrode in an enclosed vessel containing water and hydrogen gas get evolved as a result of electrolysis (electric current breaks water in to hydrogen gas and oxygen) Hydrogen thus formed is collected and pumped in a pressurised cylinder from where it is used as fuel in the car engine.
Hydrogen burns like petrol in presence of air oxygen.
Such cars are allready developed and are in use in USA. Toyota is about to roll out such fuel cell vehicles soon.
If we are able to make use of hydrogen as fuel then it will 275% cheaper than petrol.
But the cost of such cars initially will be higher.

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