Wednesday 4 July 2018

Farzand Marathi movie review

Farzand is a Marathi movie based on history.
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja and his fight to establish the own rule swaraj.
Just before the coronation Shivaji wanted to capture fort Panhal Gad.

This fort has very step strait mountain which is difficult to get in to it.
Farzand a Shivajis sardar take challange to capture the Phanalgad fort with just 60 strong men's. Start training of climbing the step strait mountain and then they entere one night in fort and fight with about 2000 soldiers.
Good points about this movie.
This movie has depicted the history and the picturisation perfectly.
This could have done even better. The character of Bairoji Naik is very well performed.
The war moment will make you stuck to chair and it's nicely picurised and performed.
The character of Shivaji is well performed.
But the clothing of Shivaji is not given attention even the face of the artists do not engrave the character of Shivaji. While it's done by several Marathi artists in past very well.
The movie is superb.
Worth to watch is the bottem line for this movie.

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