Saturday 21 July 2018

How earth looks from International Space Station see live on NASA website and ISS HD app

International space station orbits in space around the earth, in this space station currently austronauts working and conducting experiments on effect of space on various things including life, and one can view the views of earth as seen from camera installed on the orbiting space station. This can be done from the live webcasts over NASA websites or you can enjoy same on the mobile app ISS HD live it's available on google play.
Views of earth through the space station are marvellous and beautiful. Space station orbits 15 times around earth in one day with speed of 27,600 km/h. Some times you will see beautiful auras of space and night views of cities lighted in night.

View from the camera on International space station

International space station 

Night view of earth from international space station 

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