Tuesday 31 July 2018

Insulin oral capsule to replace painful insulin injection

Diabetes a wildly sprade disease almost every family in world has one diabetes patient or some one on the verge of getting diabetes.

There are two types of diateses one is that it can be managed by antidiabetese tablets.
Other form of diabetese which is considered as advance form require insulin to be injected every time before having food. Many children who have a genetic deformity that make there Pancrease ineffective and can not produce insulne, such patients have to take insulin injection.

Such patients will now get relief since one pharma company Oramed based at Israel have developed a capsule that can be give oraly, it can provide insulin required to human body and painful injections can be avoided.

To provide insulin through a tablet or through a capsule was very difficult since insulin when goes through stomach acid, it get breakdown and become ineffective. Hence Oramed have developed technology that protect insulin even in stomach acid, and thus make it available for body to make it's use.

First phase study of this development which has to establish safety of these capsule is completed.

Now 90 days pharmacokinetic study which will establish how the insulin is getting absorbed from intestine and how much blood sugar level is controlled with these capsule is going on, such study is called phase 2 Clinical Researchers, which is under going and is expected to complete soon.

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