Thursday 5 July 2018

Marijuana (गांजा) now being used in the treatment of Migrane USFDA approved first of its kind drug derived from marijuana for treatment of Migraine

Migraine is very severe headache, sudden and some times patients get seizures.
Migraine is characterized by feeling or illusion of thunder like lightening in front of the patient affected.
There is very litte treatment options available for treatment of migraine, all provide symptomatic relief from condition and are focused to reduction in occurrences of Migraine attack. In such situation US FDA has approved new medicine named U.S Epidiolex (cannabidiol) [CBD] oral solution. Canabidol it is derived from marijuana but it's not so harmful as compared to marijuana since there is tetrahydrocanabidol which is responsible for harmful effects of marijuana is not there in this medicine while only alcohol rich moiety of canabidol is there which is eliminated faster from body compared to tetrahydrocanabidol.
New drug is approved to provide options to provide treatment in rare form of epilepsy. And to prevent unlawful use of marijuana for treatment of epilepsy which otherwise is very dangerous.

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