Monday 30 July 2018

Medical Research confrims memory loss occur with smart phone radiation

Researchers at Swiss tropical and public health institute conducted a study on 700 young children and have concluded that radio frequency electromagnatic radiation from smart phone causes loss of short term memory.
It may further aggregate the status on continuous usage of smart phone.
Specialy the radiation affects on side of the brain near ear, the part of brain that is associated with short term memory.
Therefore  it is advisible to use phone trough a attachment of headphone or an ear plug if you require to use phone for longer time.
Even some scientist did experiment by giving exposure for 30 minutes dose of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation that usually a smart phone emeets to group of people and asked to perform numeric figure tasks, abstract analysis and understanding diagrams.
The people who received moble radiation dose  were finding it difficult to perform the tasks while the people who did not received the mobile radiation could do these tasks easily.

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