Friday 13 July 2018

New drug for smallpox is given green signal, due to possible use of smallpox as biological weapon

Virola virus causes smallpox it's almost declared that smallpox virus is eradicated from word.But in event of its been used as biological wapon. There is no drug to treat. Smallpox causes blisters with pus all over the body of affected person. Some times it causes blister on cornea leading to blindness and infection do reach in brain and causes encephalitis.

Tecovirimat is the generic name of the medicine approved by USFDA. This medicine is tested on animals and it's approved after it's saftey is established. Otherwise any new drug has to be tested on humans affected with the disease since this disease is not common hence pharmacokinetic study was conducted on human.
With this drug now there will be a medicine available on event of outbreak of smallpox virus.

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