Thursday 26 July 2018

New Research update Smart Bandage for chronic wound healing that sense infection in wound and release drug and even insulin in event blood sugar level rises in diabetic foot ulceration cases

Chronic wounds are difficult to heal specialy in case of diabetics, foot injuries and in case of old aged individuals.
An Indian scientist Samir Somkusale and his team at Tufts university Medford. along with National institute of health USA have developed a bandage to assist speedy healing of wound.
This bandage can monitor the PH and temperature in the wound and other biochemicals which are indicators of status of microbial imfection and degree of healing of wound. In event woud require immideate medication it will release medication through the hydrogel drug delivery syatem accompanying the bamdage. Even this can detect the blood sugar level in diabetese patients and report doctors and even inject insulin dosge.

Smart Bandage with electronic sensors 

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