Sunday 22 July 2018

Researchers found Protein that helps to develop stem cells from ordinary tissue cells

Stem cells are of great importance in regenerative medicine. Stem cells are cells which can regenerate any organ tissue in our body. Stem cells are requred to be injected in the organ that requires to be healed or regenerated partly. Setmcells are found in very limited sources like umbelical chord blood and bone marrow. Stem cells up on injection or in presence of the developed organ tissue make them self devide and differentiate or develop in to the organ cells with this process damaged tissues are repaired. 
Now researchers at standford medicine have discovered proteins which when incubated with differentiated tissue cells can generate pluripotant stem cells. This is considered as major step in regenerative medicine this will help millions of patients the diseases that can be cured with stem cell therapy and those patients which do not have their chord blood cells preserved or there is no source of stem cells available for them.
In these cases heart with infract can be treated with stem cells to regenerate damage heart cells.

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