Monday 16 July 2018

Space tours are now turning in to reality soon

                    International space station
Dragon capsule traveling towards space station
Falcon 9 reusable rocket taking launch with Dragon capsule with astrounots
These ships will capture Dragon capsule landing from space back to earth

Dragon capsule being tested for it's capability to withstand in space in high temperature and vaccuem of space.

Space x an American Company with joint venture with NASA is in the process of developing a reusable rocket which can be used to take astronauts and people willing to go in space and tour space.
The cost of the space expidition is mainly dependent on the coat of rockets hence space x is developing Falcon 9 rocket which can be repeatedly used and with which people can travel to space.
Dragon is the capsule where astronauts will be placed and sent to international space station orbiting in space. It is captured by space station and bolted in place so that astronauts can walk in to space station.
Here is the very intresting video of space capsule dragon being captured by space station in the tweet of @SapceX

Photo credits : @SapceX

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