Saturday 7 July 2018

Thousands of trees being cut down at Satara Koregaon Road

We are well aware of trees being planed to cut at Delhi or at Arye Milk Colony in Mumbai, because its been noted and opposed by citizens living at that places. But we are not aware about such thousands and thousands trees being cut down and get vanished damaging environment.
At Satara Koregaon Road about 1000 and more trees are on the verge of getting cut down or are allready cut down and we have not heard of this just because the issue is not noted by citizens neither it's opposed.
A tree should be relocated when it's required to be removed from the planed road or any development but at Koregaon Road that connects Satara and Koregaon such 1000s of trees are being cut down without trying to relocate or finding out any other alternative to keep these trees alive.
Just have look at the pictures our reporter just sent to us.

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