Wednesday 1 August 2018

Polio virus used to treat brain tumer Glioblastoma

Polio virus 

Polio virus is badly known for causing poliomylaties in children and paralysis of limbs.
We many times say that poisonus things bring cure or reduce or nulify other poisons.

Practically it may be wrong but in case of polio virus scientist and doctors have made this true they have used poliovirus against deadly brain tumer cancer cells.

Brain tumer has very littel option for treatment one of option is serigical removal in case the tumer is superfecial and is detected early.

Doctors and scientists at Duke's Neurosurgery have treated patient with grade lV tumer with polio virus and found that life of patients treated was extended to three years while patients who did not received polio virus treatment had limited life espectancy. Attenuated or nonvirulant Polio virus elicited immun respons against brain tumer cancer cells.

Before treating patients with polio virus, polio virus were made nonvirulant means they will not cause damage to nerve cells as they are known for causing poliomylaties.

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