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The Book " WHAT A COME BACK" Reveals The hidden Secrets of Mind through never before used concepts of neuroplasticity and teach these concepts to come out of worst situations and lead life to winning front

Name of Book : What a Comeback! 
Author Dr.Chirag Jain. MBBS DNB.

Dr.Chirag Jain

How would you react if someone tells you that, “crap” is going on in your brain can affect your decision-making in a challenging situation? The same brain starts working against you and it forces you to behave in a way that can create hurdles for you in the future.

 What, if you come to know that about these changes, which are going to happen in your mind! What would you do? You wouldn’t listen to it, of course. You would not believe what your mind says. Rather than getting involved in a vicious cycle, we would rather train our minds not to react to the situation. We would prefer to respond in a way that will bring ourselves out of such negative situations in our life.

That's what Dr.Chirag Jain has brilliantly explained in his book What a Comeback! How principles of neuroplasticity governs our life?

Dr. Chirag Jain in a practitioner who has a clinic where he performs medical treatments from surgery to treating inpatient and Outpatient. His primary aim is to get the services under one roof so that common man can afford the medical services.
 Dr Chirag Jain is also a humanitarian where he has worked with many charitable institutes and free campaigns to reach out to the unaffordable.

Dr.Chirag Jain's Book What a Comeback! narrates thrilling stories, which explain in depth the concept of neuroplasticity,the science of neuropsychology and people’s behaviors in stressful, depressive and joyful situations. Increasing and decreasing release of our neurotransmitters and its effects on our behavior. This, he has explained in a language, that a layman can easily understand. After knowing this, I am convinced, the reader will certainly apply them to their lives and bring a turnaround in their negative situation.

I believe that this book should be made a part of the curriculum in schools in India. Also in near future, it should reach to a maximum number of readers across India so that country gets benefited by making people think before reacting to any negative situation or information, which we get every day in the media.

Dr.Chirag has answered a few questions which are given below, those will help you to know more about the Book,What a Come Back !

Dr.Chirag has answered a few questions which are given below, those will help you to know more about the Book,What a Come Back !

1. Doctor Chirag, please tell us in brief about this book?

Dr.Chirag Jain, The Author of the book What a Come back! says : What a comeback! is an inspiring journey of 10 friends who go through torrid times in their lives. The book is a semi-fiction where I have tried to explain the thought process that governs our responses both in favorable and in tough times. We all know storytelling, is one of the established ways to understand and learn. It is the first time, an author has tried to explain the complex brain functioning with the help of stories.
The stories of Sam and his friends, make the readers realize, that they too can become superheroes in their lives and they do not need to wait for a miracle, to come up with the right decisions in life.

2. What is the basic concept base of this book?
Author : The basic idea behind the book is to make people realize, that difficulties and problems occur in everyone’s life. But how we chose to react, the time taken to recover and making a comeback is a matter of choice. I believe, if we understand these processes, we are able to recover early and start seeing the problems as an opportunity rather than a setback.

3. Is this book going to help me to come out of my failures?
Author: Yes, certainly! A failure is only, when we accept, that thing cannot be changed or start thinking in a negative loop. Failure matters to all of us. When we believe, that we cannot recover from a momentary setback, we believe we have failed. The book makes us realize, that it only the brain, which makes us believe so because of the old experiences. We can “comeback” no matter what life presents us with.

4. How will this book help me to recover from failures?
Author: The book, is also for helping those who have faced a setback (I prefer not using the word failure). The book makes you realize that negative thoughts are because of the past experiences. They are not because of your present situation. Once you know the difference, you will be able to break free, from these loop of negative thoughts and think positively. Solutions can only be found, when the mind thinks about the present rather than going into the past and future.

5. Are the following remedies recommended in the book, hard or difficult to follow?
They are absolutely easy to follow. The idea is to make people realize that what happens in our mind when we react in a negative situation. It is only because of a lack of control over our thought process. When we recover or stage a comeback, we make decisions with complete control over our thinking and make a conscious effort to solve them.

6. Will this book help me to achieve success in my life?
Author: Yes, the book will inspire you to increase your perseverance and keep you focused on your goal. We get distracted by many irrelevant things in our life and lose our focus. This was explained to me by a young girl of 12 years, who reviewed my book based on the stories. I was surprised when I heard that she was able to concentrate and complete her daily targets of studies, after reading the stories. This she achieved after staging a comeback from every time she got distracted. Everyone can reach their goals, provided we are able to filter the distractions. The book helps us to attain this herculean task.

7. What is the cost of this book in India?
Author: The cost of the book is Rs 49/- only for the Kindle version in India. The intention is to reach people, from all different sections of the society. I feel if my book can change the life of a single individual, then the effort is worthwhile. 

8. How to read this book on mobile if I don't have a kindle?

Author: You can read the book on mobile (smartphone), I pad and kindle. Simply download the “kindle lite app” on the mobile from your play store and enter in your Amazon account. You can read the book after buying on the mobile. 

9. When will this book be available as a paperback to be kept on my bookshelf?
Author: Paperback is presently available out of India. It will be shortly available in India. Maybe, in a week or two. I want to print it at a lower cost, so I can reach to every section of the society. My aim is to reach to every person, who can read English, so that they can stage a comeback and reach their goals. I believe if my intention is for the welfare of people, like-minded people will help me to reach my goals sooner or later.

10. Brief introduction of neuroplasticity theory and its application in your book to explain in brief?

Author: Neuroplasticity, in context to the human mind, means that we can form new connections and neurons in our brain. Like the word 'plastic', the neurons and the circuit are bendable. We can bend our thoughts and prevent us from being dragged into negative thinking. Only, when we think positive, we can create the conditions for a comeback in life. Everyone can bend their thoughts at any stage of our lives and mold them to self-growth and happiness. They can recover early and reduce their suffering. We can learn to think before reacting to any situation or information, like the present menace of reacting to messages in whatsApp .

Dr. Chirag Jain Delivering lecture to students

Dr.Chirag Jain doing surgeries

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