Monday 25 March 2019

Stock that will give sure shot good return

Stock investment idea valid till.
27 March 2019 beyond this date do not follow this.

Hindustan Uniliver company has good performance in market and its financial results are quite strong.
Its Stock is now being traded in daily charts lowest range which we can call as wholesale price of the stock. That means it has good scope for price increase in future.
Long term investment oppurtunity.

In Hindustan Unilever one can invest at 1661 to 1690.
Currently at 1673
Has good fundamentals and Q4 will be announced soon company is making huge profit.
In 2 to 6 months it will reach 2000 level.
To validate my calculations cross checked

Motilal Oswal has giving buy rating with targate of 2125 and in one or two week this stock will be traded at 1710 to 1720
Start investing in small qty instead of one shot.
With stoploss below 1659.
If it keeps it's down trend sale it at gain of 6 to 7 rupees and again take entry below 1660 and stay invested till Q4 results are comes out with huge performance it will hit its 2125 mark.

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