Monday 12 October 2020

Advance version of Nirbhay Missile Tested by DRDO

 Today on 12th Oct 2020 India's Defense Research and Development Organization DRDO has tested newer version of Nirbhay super sonic cruse Missile.

Currently India has already deployed Nirbhay Missiles along side its china borders in the present standoff with china, the range of these missiles is 800 km.

Todays test was almost for newer version of Nirbhay Missile, which was equipped with India made turbofan engine.

Nirbhay Missile 

The missile was tested for extension of its range to 1000 km to 1500 km, and today just after 8 minutes of the launch of missile, missile had to be stopped for further path.

In the month of Oct 2020 there are lot of missile tests lined up by DRDO till 19th of Oct 2020.

India will be adding lot of great power in its missiles.

Currently India has deployed Bhramos 400 km to 600 km Surface to surface and Air to Surface, striking Missile. Bhramos can not be intercepted by any missile in the world neither any country has capability to stop the Bhramos missile when its fired on its target. 

Extended Range Bhramos Missile Test Fired

Supersonic Missile Bhramos

Bhramos can hit and destroy target with in few minutes without giving any chance for any defense or movement to target, and while its on its path it flies near to surface and hide it self in the hills and terrain maneuvers very fast so that it is not detected by any radar and hits on target with great precision.


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