Saturday 17 October 2020

Bhramos Supersonic Cruise missile is Unbeatable and World's Fastestes Missile

Today India test fired Bramos Missile from its stealth distroyer INS Chennai.

DRDO said in its update that it hit on the targate in sea with pin point accuracy.

India's Bramos the is worlds fastest supersonic cruise missile it has superb capabilities that it cannot be intercepted by S400 or S500 the missile is nuclear capable has range of 250 km to 300km. While newer version of Bramos is also available which was recently test fired it can hit target at 400km to 500km. In this video you can see the India's Sukhoi 30 MKI fires air to ground version of Bramos Missile the video was released by Indian Air Force, stating that Bramos Missile test fired and hit on the assigned targeted in bay of Bengal which was a ship.

Bramos Missile is capable of flying very low from surface or sea it flies low and takes its path like a fighter jet by doing terrain hugging maneuver. Due to which Bramos Missile can not be detected by any radar and when it's detected there is very little time to react to enemy, probably 1 or 2 minutes, Bramos then do Zigzag maneuvering before hitting the target


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