Thursday 22 October 2020

Why Vitamin C is useful in treatment of COVID 19 management

Vitamin C is known to work against viral fever and it's known for faster recovery of patients suffering from viral infaction.

In the present covid19 pandamic there is no medicine which assure 100% recovery of patients from the SARS-COV-2 virus Infection, there with the known information about vitamin c as medicine or food supplement for faster recovery from covid19 infection.

Why Vitamin C is important in recovery in viral infection.

We should know pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry behind the use of vitamin C.

1.Vitamin C is necessary for many biochemical reactions which involves synthesis of collagen and tissues.

2. Vitamin C is essential for neutralising the peroxides formed in the body and free radicals hence removal of free radicals and peroxides by Vitamin C helps to protect our body from harsh oxidising effect of peroxides and free radicals.

Best Natural source of Vitamin C 

3. Vitamin C is important in biosynthesis of trinucleophosphates molecule which is source of energy for all biochemical reactions in our body.

Hence the Vitamin C do not fight with virus but it perform the protective role in our body.

Giving vitamin C as suppliment helps in faster recovery but it does not work as antiviral medicine.

Rather it work by boosting body strength to fight agint corona virus.

It's not required that one should take vitamin C tablet but Awala (अवला) too contain vitamin C. It's best source of Vitamin C.

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