Thursday 6 January 2022

China uses actors as dummy soldiers in recent flag hoisting ceremony, 28 KM behind Galvan Valley and claims it of Galvan Valley

China is one of natorious expansionist country with malified leadership, claiming territories of other countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Philippines Japan, Taiwan and India.
Last year Indian soldiers have given befitted answer to China's I'll intention to intrude Indian territory.
    Actor Wu Jing acting as Chinese Soldiers

20 Indian army soldiers attained martyrdom, while it was reported by international media that about 45 to 46 Chinese Army Soldiers have been Killed by Indian Army Soldiers.
China have not even respected it's own died soldiers, after few months it had accpted that soldiers died in Galvan Valley.
Few days back China has published Flag hosting videos claiming to be of Galvan, while Chinese Citizen have exposed the lies of Chinese video, that videos are shoot by using actors as soldiers, faking as Army Soldiers. According to many users on weibo a inhouse tweeter like social media of China meant for Chinese citizens Chinese actor ‘Wu Jing’ and his wife, a Chinese actress and TV host ‘Xie Nan’  also the people in China have exposed the lies of Chinese video that the video was shoot 28 kilometres behind and claimed as of Galvan Valley.
In its response Indian Army Soldier have also hosted flag in Galvan Valley.
Indian Army Soldiers are very strong than Chinese Army Soldiers.
From such acts one can understand that the las few months back a fake video was circulated by chinese media with fake Indian soldiers in captivity.
More over India has biggest number of its Army Soldiers in world.
 Actor Xie Nan acting as Chinese Army Soldier

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