Monday 3 January 2022

Illegal Maintenance bills Sent to Members of Thane Ghodbundar Road Housing Society Anunagar CHS by its treasurer amounting to 8.19 lac rupees all together.

Anunagar Co-operative Housing Society, situated at Thane Ghodbundar Road, Waghbil, Thane, was founded by BARC employees by forming a co-operative Housing Society.

Most of the members are retired or working with BARC, few members have purchased flats in resell.

Mr. S.R Joshi, age 81 founder member of Anunagar Co-operative Housing society  who is retired from BARC  he was a engineer in BARC informed on telephonic interview.

"He and 8 other members have been sent illegal huge maintenance amount bills, his bill amount is almost 1.16 lac rupees"  and Mr. Malvankar who is a retired Nuclear scientist of BARC, informed on telephonic interview that he is been Harassed by this treasurer of the society by illegal maintenance bill of Rs 44500. Other member Mr Gaokar Secretary of the outgoing comittee age 75 received Rs. 277500 in maintenance bill.

Following is the list of illegally demanded amount from members of Anunagar Society.

Mr. Joshi Said, "up on approaching to District Deputy Registrar, The registrar had asked  management committee through written notice to Treasurer, that it is illegal and sever kind of compliant such bills must be reverted back immediately as it is violation of 66(a) vi of MCS act 1960." 

Mr. Joshi and Mr. Malvankar aged 80 added that now the term of management committee is over in September 2020 due to Corona Lockdown got stretched.  Treasurer with the intention of making us defaulters members who pointed at few committee members for their wrong did are targeted and these people want to make them defaulters, so that these 9 members are deprived from contesting elections of our society which is deprivation of basic fundamental rights rendered by Constitution of India, and is against the cooperative movement.

Mr. Joshi said that, "there are lot of infighting between management Committee members, nonconfidence motion against two committee members was called for almost three times, some members in committee debit freezed bank account of the society for almost three years, members  of the Anunagar CHS Waghbil, were then forced to make their water bill, electricity, security services bill payment through collection of cash, members aggrieved with this had called a Special AGM and dissolved the committee, but during second wave of COVID 19 Chairman of Society died, Treasurer of society approached high court for allowing signature of one more ordinary committee member to sign on payment cheques for making essential services. High Court has allowed Treasurer along with one member was only for signing and making payments of essential services, and both are now misusing it for sending illegal maintenance bills to us".

Mr.S. R Joshi Said that, "While treasurer has no right to take such decisions when tenure of the committee is over, there no complete governing body of committee, since, there is no Chairman to the committee. No one is involving Mr Gaokar Secretary of Anunagar for any meeting. Treasurer and Chairman had taken AGM after a gap of two years which is also illegal, where the resolution of living the charges to 9 Members was fraudulent, fake minutes prepared, also the last AGM which was called was not given 14 days clear notice which is violation of laws, many members of said society have troubled by putting their names in the minutes of the fake AGM as seconded and proposed for resolutions while they didn't do that, these members too have approached District Deputy Registrar with their grievances". Mr.Joshi and Mr.Malvankr Said the entire act is amounting to Economic offence and hence police must register an FIR.

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