Saturday 18 June 2022

Diabetic patients breat smells like Fruity smell

 Why diabetic patients breath smells like fruity odour.

Diabetes is a disease which causes excessive accumulation of sugar, or glucose levels in blood. 

In event of excessive accumulation of glucose the metabolism of glucose converts excessive glucose in acetone, acetone is also an important intermediate biochemical in our body which is converted in to acetyle co enzymes which are required for biosynthesis of required amino acids in our body.

In diabetic patients acetone is also excessively produced, and being highly volatile it finds its way through lungs, it is exhaled through lungs, acetone smells like fruit. This smell is typical in diabetic patients.

Even the urin of Diabetic patients do excret acetone resulting in typical aceton smell to urin. The phenomenon is called acetone uria.

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