Wednesday 23 November 2022

How to copy any text and number from a picture or any object without written manually

Google has rolled out very fantastic options over its app Google Photo.

With which one can click a photo of any article or anything and save it over their google account.
While clicking photos with Google Photo app, google app highlights the text letters and numbers on the article or anything while taking a picture.
With this one can select the text or number on any article or anything and copy that and save it on your mobile device.
For example, you see a nice poster of something, where important information is printed on it, along with a contact telephone number.
Now if you want to save the text on the article and contact number, in a normal scenario you have to type everything that you see on the article.
But with google photo app, the text on the article or any poster along with the number will be exactly copied on your phone screen and you can save the information in your word or excel file.

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