Sunday 11 December 2022

Life saving medicine for Clostridioides difficile

Food and drugs administation of United States of America have approved a medicine for treatment of serious infection of colon which is responsible for many deaths every year. This medicine is made from fecal matter donated by healthy volunteers. 

Clostridioides difficile bacterial infection is very serious form of infection when untreated it becomes life threatening. This bacteria do not grow in presence of certain other bacterias therefore to prevent growth of this deadly bacteria scientists have designed a novel methodology where fecal matter donated by healthy volunteers which contains other bacterias in it is transplanted in the patients colon.
By doing this transplant good bacteria from implanted fecal matter gets way in to patients colon and start growing there, these bacteria secret enzymes which takes care of harmful bacteria Clostridioides difficile.
Here is the detailed information about new drug approvals by USFDA 

Fecal transplant is not a new concept it was practiced by microbiologists and doctors since last few years. 

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