Tuesday 31 January 2023

US to pass China Lied People Died act US Going to demand 4.6 Trillion Dollars from China

In 2019 Corona virus out break happened and initialy all Chinese authorities were trying to hide the Corona Virus leakage from the laboratory. They tried to supress facts and supresed the journalists and health care providers and doctors.

United States republican Representative Troy Nehals have brought a bill in the house which when passed United States will have authority to demand and freez. Chinese Property and assets where China has invested in them

After this bill is approved in the house United States will have authority to demand 4.6 trillion dollars from China.

If China refuses to pay the amount then United will freeze the Chinese invested in the US Bonds. 

China has heavily invested it's money approximately 1.0 trillion dollar in US bonds so after passing of the bill "China Lied People Died" 

United States can opt to dissolve the Chinese invested money and recover 1.0 trillion dollars from China out of 4.6 Trillion Dollars Claim.

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