Monday 21 August 2023

Indian-Origin Lab Owner gets 27-Year Sentence for $463 Million Medicare Scam Involving Genetic Testing

"Indian-Origin Lab Owner Receives 27-Year Sentence for $463 Million Medicare Scam Involving Genetic Testing"

In a shocking turn of events, Minal Patel, a person of Indian origin and the proprietor of LabSolutions LLC, has been handed a substantial 27-year prison sentence for orchestrating an elaborate fraud scheme that targeted Medicare and siphoned off a staggering $463 million. The scheme involved fraudulent genetic testing and a web of deceit, kickbacks, and bribery that spanned over three years.

Patel's modus operandi included collaborating with various parties such as patient brokers, telemedicine companies, and call centers. These entities played a pivotal role in executing the scheme by targeting Medicare beneficiaries through deceptive telemarketing calls. Posing as legitimate medical services, these calls promised expensive genetic tests related to cancer, enticing patients into agreeing to the unnecessary procedures.

Under the guise of legitimacy, Patel paid kickbacks and bribes to patient brokers to secure signed doctor's orders that falsely authorized the tests. These orders were then issued by telemedicine companies, further complicating the fraudulent trail. To further veil the illegitimate activities, Patel compelled the patient brokers to enter into contracts that falsely represented their engagement in lawful advertising services for LabSolutions.

The case unfolded under the banner of Operation Double Helix, a comprehensive initiative led by the Health Care Fraud Strike Force, overseen by the Criminal Division's Fraud Section. This concerted effort aimed to curb fraudulent practices within the realm of genetic cancer testing and targeted those implicated in this massive healthcare fraud scheme.

Between July 2016 and August 2019, LabSolutions submitted claims to Medicare that amounted to over $463 million. Shockingly, these claims encompassed thousands of medically unnecessary genetic tests. Medicare, the national health insurance program, inadvertently disbursed over $187 million for these fraudulent claims. During this period, Patel personally amassed over $21 million in unlawfully obtained Medicare funds.

Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey B. Veltri of the FBI Miami Field Office commented on the severity of Patel's actions, emphasizing that deception, kickbacks, and bribes should never find their place in the realm of legitimate healthcare services. Patel's sentence serves as a clear deterrent against such fraudulent endeavors and highlights the need for robust measures against healthcare fraud.

This case sheds light on the significance of vigilance and thorough oversight within the healthcare system to prevent and deter potential fraudulent activities that could ultimately affect the lives and well-being of patients in need.

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