Wednesday 16 August 2023

Raghav Chadda Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Greetings Message to Arvind Kejriwal on his Birthday

Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Celebrates Birthday with wishes from MP Raghav Chadda

Date: 16 August 2023

New Delhi: As Delhi's visionary Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal celebrated his birthday, he received a touching  from Mr. Raghav Chadda, a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha. In a heartfelt message shared on his Twitter handle, Mr. Chadda extended warm wishes to the leader and mentor who has left an indelible mark on Delhi's political landscape.

Expressing immense gratitude, Mr. Chadda lauded Chief Minister Kejriwal's transformative leadership and tireless efforts to build a corruption-free and prosperous society. "Your actions have not only improved the lives of countless citizens but have also inspired millions, including myself, to actively participate in mainstream politics," Mr. Chadda's message read.

Chief Minister Kejriwal, known for his dedication to public service and innovative governance, has been instrumental in bringing positive changes to Delhi and beyond. His commitment to grassroots-level work and inclusive policies has garnered admiration from various quarters.

"As you continue to work towards making India the number one nation, know that you have an army of dedicated individuals standing behind you, driven by your values and morals," Mr. Chadda affirmed, emphasizing the significant impact Chief Minister Kejriwal has had on shaping the nation's destiny.

The tribute from Mr. Chadda highlights the profound influence Chief Minister Kejriwal has had on the political landscape, inspiring individuals to engage actively in the democratic process and contribute to the nation's transformation.

This birthday celebration not only honors Chief Minister Kejriwal's remarkable journey but also underscores the deep respect and admiration he commands from his peers and colleagues. As he adds another year to his life, Chief Minister Kejriwal's dedication to public service and his vision for a better India continue to serve as a beacon of hope for citizens across the nation.

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