Sunday 27 August 2023

Shri. Jogendra Kawade of People's Republican Party Issues Ultimatum for Arrest of Assailants in Rajabhau Chavan Attack

People's Republican Party Issues Ultimatum for Arrest of Assailants in Rajabhau Chavan Attack

Date: 27-08-2023

Location: Thane

In a fervent display of outrage, the People's Republican Party has issued a stern warning, threatening to initiate a protest if the assailants who attacked Rajabhau Chavan are not apprehended within the next eight days. The incident took place in Thane's Gaondevi area, where Chavan, a prominent leader representing leather workers, was brutally assaulted after he took a stand against an extortion demand amounting to Rs 5,000.

The party's spokesperson, Shri. Jogendra Kawade minced no words as he criticized the handling of the case by local law enforcement. According to Kawade, while a case was rightfully registered against the individuals responsible for the attack, a twist of irony emerged as these assailants also lodged a fabricated complaint against Chavan. This maneuver prompted the Naupada police to lodge a case against Chavan, a move that Kawade vehemently decried, asserting that it amounted to a tacit endorsement of the wrongdoers.

"The very fact that a case has been registered against the injured victim is akin to bolstering the accused," Kawade expressed during a media interaction. The party spokesperson further elaborated, stating that the Naupada police force should have expeditiously apprehended the attackers instead of resorting to such counterintuitive measures.

The incident has also been tainted by perceived inaction on the part of the authorities. Despite the fact that a case was filed under the Atrocity section of the law, the requisite measures against the assailants have been notably absent. Kawade's disappointment in this regard was palpable as he lamented the sluggish progress of the investigation. "The section under which action should have been taken against the attackers has not been invoked," Kawade asserted.

Taking a firm stance, Kawade revealed the party's ultimatum – an ultimatum that reverberates with a sense of urgency and justice. "Our demand is that action should be taken in the next eight days or we will protest," he stated emphatically. The ultimatum, delivered with conviction, underscores the party's commitment to seeing the attackers brought to justice without further delay.

While the party's frustration with the pace of the investigation is palpable, Kawade also underscored the importance of maintaining the public's confidence in the leadership of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his government. "We do not want any kind of question to arise on the efficiency of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his government," Kawade stated, aiming to redirect the spotlight onto the need for prompt action from the law enforcement agencies.

As tensions rise and the clock ticks, the Thane police are faced with a pivotal decision – whether to heed the demands of the People's Republican Party and expedite the arrest of the attackers, or risk a potential wave of public protests that could spotlight their perceived inaction.

Chavan's plight and the subsequent response by the People's Republican Party have set the stage for a high-stakes showdown, one that underscores the broader struggle for justice, accountability, and the upholding of the rule of law in the region. With their demands echoing in the halls of justice, the party now awaits the authorities' response, hopeful that their call for action will not fall on deaf ears.

Attendees during Chavan's Meeting: District president Pramod Tale, general secretary Shankar Jamdade, city president Vikas Gaikwad, Mahendra Pawar, and others.

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