Saturday 25 November 2023

Wife kills husband with punching with hand for not taking her to Dubai on her Birthday

In a chilling turn of events at the upscale Ganga Satellite housing society in Wanawadi, Pune, a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon took a gruesome twist when Renuka Khanna, a 36-year-old woman, allegedly punched her husband, Nikhil Khanna, to death.

The couple, married for six years after a love-filled courtship, had been living with Nikhil's parents. Nikhil, a well-known realtor and school owner in Nana Peth, met his tragic end following a heated argument with his wife over unmet wishes. Renuka's desire to celebrate her birthday in Dubai on September 18 remained unfulfilled, and tensions rose when Nikhil's anniversary gift failed to impress her on November 5.

Adding to the strain was the unresolved matter of attending her niece's birthday celebrations in Delhi in December, which further fueled the discord due to unclear communication from Nikhil.

The breaking point occurred around 1:30 pm on that fateful Friday. In the midst of their clash, Renuka, consumed by rage, allegedly delivered a devastating punch to Nikhil's face. The blow proved fatal, causing severe injuries—Nikhil's nose and mouth fractured, teeth dislodged, and he collapsed, unconscious, on the floor.

The distressing scene prompted Renuka to call her father-in-law, Dr. Pushkaraj Khanna. In a panic, he summoned an ambulance and rushed Nikhil to Sassoon Hospital. Simultaneously, he reported the incident to the police. Meanwhile, Renuka was detained by authorities.

Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Patange of Wanwadi police station expressed suspicion that Renuka might have been under the influence of alcohol during the altercation. The police are investigating whether a heavy object, rather than a mere punch, was used, adding another layer of complexity to this tragic incident.

As the investigation unfolds, the Wanawadi community is left grappling with the shocking turn of events, illustrating the unpredictability that life can take even in the most affluent and seemingly serene neighborhoods.

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