Sunday 11 February 2024

Air India to pay ₹50,000 to Senior Couple for defective business class seat Consumer Court Judgment

Senior Couple Awarded ₹50,000 Compensation for Faulty Business Class Seats on Air India Flight.

Chandigarh, India - A district consumer court in Chandigarh has ordered Air India to pay ₹50,000 in compensation to a senior couple who endured a 14-hour flight from New York to Delhi in malfunctioning business class seats.

The complainants, identified as Rajesh Chopra and his spouse, had purchased tickets costing a staggering ₹8,24,964 for the comfortable travel experience promised by business class. However, their journey was marred by defective seats that wouldn't recline, causing the complainant, who has a physical disability, significant physical discomfort and leg swelling.

Despite their complaints to the airline, the issue remained unresolved throughout the long-haul flight, forcing them to resort to using stools for foot support. This prompted them to seek legal recourse.

The consumer court, presided over by President Pawanjit Singh and member Suresh Kumar Sardana, examined the evidence presented by the couple, including ticket receipts, medical records, photographs of the faulty seats, and communication with the airline. Based on this evidence, the court concluded that Air India had provided deficient service and caused the couple "mental agony and harassment."

Consequently, the court directed Air India to compensate the couple with ₹50,000, along with ₹10,000 to cover litigation costs. This case serves as a reminder for airlines to uphold their obligation to provide passengers with the services they pay for, especially when dealing with premium travel classes. Additionally, it highlights the power of consumer courts in protecting passenger rights and ensuring fair compensation in cases of service deficiencies.

Key Points:

  • Senior couple faced discomfort due to malfunctioning business class seats on Air India flight.
  • The couple submitted evidence, including medical records and photos, to support their claim.
  • Consumer court ruled in favor of the couple, awarding ₹50,000 compensation and ₹10,000 litigation costs.
  • This case highlights the importance of airlines honoring their service commitments and the role of consumer courts in protecting passenger rights.

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