Monday 26 February 2024

DRDO Unveil Advanced Mounted Gun System Pune, Maharashtra

India's Own Mounted Gun System (MGS) by DRDO:

Key features:

  • Indigenous development: Designed by DRDO in collaboration with Indian private sector and DPSUs.
  • Mobile artillery: Mounted on a Tatra HMV 8x8 chassis for off-road mobility.
  • Firepower: Uses the 155mm/52cal ATAGS howitzer with a range of up to 45km (depending on ammunition).
  • Fire control: Integrated fire control system (FCS) and auto-gun alignment for accuracy.
  • Automated systems: Automatic ammunition handling for rapid fire and silent electric power system.
  • Crew protection: Armoured cabin accommodates a crew of seven.
  • Deployment: "Shoot and scoot" capability with rapid deployment and relocation times (80 seconds deployment, 85 seconds relocation).
  • Endurance: Operates in extreme weather conditions (-4°C to +45°C) and diverse terrains.

  • Indian Army plans to procure 814 MGS units.

Overall, the MGS represents a significant advancement in India's indigenous defense technology, offering mobile firepower, advanced features, and crew protection for the Indian Army.

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