Saturday 10 February 2024

Nikhil Wagle Thanks Supporters After Brutal Attack in Pune

Pune, India (February 10, 2024): Nikhil Wagle, a prominent Marathi journalist, expressed his gratitude today to the individuals who protected him during a violent attack in Pune yesterday. Taking to social media, Wagle penned a heartfelt message thanking his colleagues, activists, and supporters for their courage and unwavering support.

Wagle described the attack as the most horrific he had experienced, involving stones, sticks, and other weapons wielded by his assailants. He claims the attack was orchestrated with police involvement and lasted for half an hour, with four separate attempts to corner him.

Despite the ordeal, Wagle credited his survival to the bravery of individuals like Asim Sarode, who shielded him from glass shards even as he himself was injured, and Vaibhav, the driver who navigated them through the chaos. He also expressed his appreciation for Advocate Shriya, who took the brunt of the attack while seated in the front seat, and Vishwambhar, who remained by his side throughout the ordeal.

Further acknowledging the efforts of others, Wagle mentioned Rahul Dambale, Prashantdada Jagtap, and Nitin Vaidya, who bravely confronted the attackers and facilitated his safe passage to Mumbai. He extended his gratitude to countless unnamed activists and supporters who stood up to his assailants.

Refusing to be cowed by the violence, Wagle declared his continued commitment to fighting fascism and vowed to "shake Maharashtra" in pursuit of this goal. He emphasized that fear was not part of his upbringing and reiterated his determination to prevent India from becoming a "Hindu Pakistan."

His message concluded with an expression of heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported him, acknowledging the role they played in the success of a recent public meeting. He promised a more detailed account of the incident later in the evening.

Wagle's attack has sparked outrage and concern across India, raising questions about press freedom and the growing climate of violence. His message of resilience and gratitude highlights the ongoing struggle for justice and accountability in the country.

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