Thursday 22 February 2024

US Support During LAC Standoff with China India Acknowledges US Support During LAC Standoff with China

India Acknowledges US Support During LAC Standoff with China

For the first time, India has officially recognized the assistance it received from the United States during the ongoing military standoff with China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

Key Points:

  • US Provided Intelligence and Support: Defense Secretary Giridhar Aramane stated that the US offered intelligence and situational awareness during the LAC standoff. He appreciated the "information, intelligence and any support by way of equipment" provided by the US.
  • India Facing China on Multiple Fronts: Aramane highlighted that India is confronting China on various fronts, including mountain passes, and expressed hope for US support if needed.
  • Shared Interests in Indo-Pacific: He emphasized the shared values and interests of India and the US in the Indo-Pacific region, calling them key stakeholders amidst China's belligerence.

Additional Information:

  • The event where Aramane made these remarks was the India-US Defence Accelerator Ecosystem (INDUS-X) Summit, co-organized by the US and India.
  • Admiral John C Aquilino, US Ambassador Atul Keshap, and Rexon Ryu were among other attendees.

Overall Significance:

This official acknowledgement by India reflects a growing strategic partnership between the two nations, particularly in countering China's influence in the Indo-Pacific region. It highlights the potential for closer collaboration in intelligence sharing, defense equipment, and joint military exercises.

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