Wednesday 10 April 2024

Serial Housebreaker Arrested After Year-Long Spree

Thane, April 11, 2024 — In a dramatic turn of events, a serial housebreaker, whose audacious exploits seemed straight out of a movie plot, has been apprehended by the Thane Police Crime Branch Unit 2. The accused, Abdul Islam, aged 35, had been operating with remarkable precision, leaving a trail of 22 house break-ins across Thane and Navi Mumbai over the past year.

The Elusive Thief's Modus Operandi

Abdul Islam's criminal career was marked by ingenuity and meticulous planning. Here are the key details:

1.       Stealthy Travel: To execute his daring heists, Abdul would fly from the Northeast to Mumbai, ensuring that each burglary was meticulously timed and executed.

2.       Master of Disguise: His baldness became an asset rather than a liability. Abdul exploited this by altering his appearance with an array of different wigs, confounding investigators and evading detection.

3.       Target Selection: Abdul primarily targeted first-floor flats, occasionally venturing to the second floor. His methodical approach involved utilizing staircases to reach the targeted flats.

4.       Precision Break-Ins: Armed with fine equipment, he would swiftly break into rooms, pilfering valuable jewellery and cash within minutes. Typically, he focused on two to three rooms during each theft.

The Man Behind the Crimes

Abdul Islam, the sole director of his criminal enterprise, hails from a large family. With eleven brothers and other relatives, he has constructed a six-room bungalow using his ill-gotten gains. The bungalow stands as a testament to his audacity and criminal prowess.

The Relentless Pursuit

The Crime Branch Unit 2, led by the seasoned senior inspector Sachin Gaikwad, initiated an exhaustive investigation into the string of burglaries within their jurisdiction. Despite countless hours spent analysing CCTV footage, Abdul's ever-changing appearance posed a significant challenge. His ability to alter his looks thwarted previous attempts by both Navi Mumbai and Mumbai police to apprehend him.

The Breakthrough

The breakthrough came when investigators noticed similarities in the suspect's movements and facial features across various CCTV footage from Bhiwandi and Navi Mumbai. It was discovered that Abdul was the same individual previously arrested by Navi Mumbai police a few years ago. He had been on the run since the lockdown, skilfully evading capture.

The Arrest

Acting on intelligence that Abdul was in Assam, his native place, the team embarked on a five-day operation. Enduring heavy rain, they posed as villagers, cycling around to avoid detection. Finally, they cornered him near his house as he attempted to flee. Despite sustaining injuries from jumping off the first floor, Abdul was apprehended.

The Loot

Upon bringing Abdul to Thane, the police recovered jewellery worth ₹62 lakh, directly linked to the 22 housebreaking cases.

This arrest marks the end of a year-long spree that had left residents of Thane and Navi Mumbai on edge. Abdul Islam's audacious escapades have finally come to an end, thanks to the relentless efforts of law enforcement.

Note: The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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